THURLESTONE BAY BIRDS NOVEMBER 2021 A fairly calm month with gales only on 12th and Storm ARWEN on 27th with gusts up to F10/11.   A total of 110 species recorded  c/f (202- 112, 2019 - 131.  ) 4 new species for the year - WHOOPER SWAN, GADWALL, VELVET SCOTER and DESERT WHEATEAR taking the total to 196 c/f (2020 - 194, 2019  - 200 ).\ A special mention must be made of the DESERT WHEATEAR - a 1st Winter Femail which frequented Leasfoot Beach from the 9th to early on 12th.   This was the first Devon record since the male which was at the same site from 8th November 2015 until early March 2016. Highlights SWANS, GEESE, DUCKS, DIVERS and GANNET WHOOPER SWAN - A family of 2Ad  + 5 Juv reported along the river at Aveton Gifford on 20th.   A group of 4 flew NW across the Bay on 24th. BARNACLE GOOSE - 1 on South Efford Marsh on 30th. BRENT GOOSE DB - 2 flew SE on 5th and 1 on the sea on 9th. SHELDUCK - first returning birds were 2 on the sea on 24th and 1 on 29th. WIGEON -  Much lower totals than previous years.   On South Efford Marsh a max of 75 on 21st.   On South Huish Marsh a max of 24 on 22nd.  Offshore 16 on the sea on 23rd. GADWALL - A female on South Huish Marsh on 2nd was the first this year. TEAL - Max at South Huish Marsh was 45 on 2nd.   At South Efford Marsh a max of 70 on 15th.    Offshore 11 flew SE on 26th. PINTAIL - A female on South Huish Marsh on 26th. COMMON SCOTER - recorded on 9 days - 60 on 5th, 26 on 22nd and 28 on 23rd. VELVET SCOTER - 2 flew NW on 24th accompanied by 3 COMMON SCOTER. RED BREASTED MERGANSER - 4 flew SE on 22nd ( only 2nd record this year) RED THROATED DIVER - recorded on 3days - 1 on 9th, 2 on 24th, 1 on 25th. BLACK THROATED DIVER - 4 reported flying NW on 24th. GREAT NORTHERN DIVER - recorded on 7 days - 3 on 5th, 1 on 8th, 1 on 22nd, 2on 23rd,   Singles on 25th and 28th, 3 on 29th. GANNET - Largest concentration was over 1000 on 25th with a feeding flock of over 700 and a steady NW passage. FULMAR - first returning bird was on 17th. GREAT SKUA - Singles in the Bay attacking KITTIWAKES on 11th and 24th. EGRETS, HERONS etc. LITTLE EGRET - Up to 4 on South Huish Marsh and up to 10 on South Efford Marsh. HERON - 3 - 4  regularly on South Huish Marsh. SPOONBILL -  1 reported at South Huish Marsh on 3rd. WATER RAIL - Up to 5 at South Milton Ley on several dates.   2 calling at Thurlestone Marsh regularly.  1 watched at South Huish Marsh on 24th. WADERS - 15 species recorded. OYSTERCATCHER - Max of 26 on 14th. RINGED PLOVER - Max of 11 on 7th. GOLDEN PLOVER - a flock of 30+ over Aveton Gifford on 9th. LAPWING - A single at South Huish Marsh on 28th. PURPLE SANDPIPER -  1 on the rocks on 23rd. DUNLIN -  A max of 4 on the rocks on 11th. JACK SNIPE -  1 reported from South Huish Marsh on 25th. SNIPE -  On South Huish Marsh a max of 49 on 8th. BLACK TAILED GODWIT - Recorded a South Huish Marsh throughout with a max of 7 on 22nd. CURLEW - flock of 30 on South Efford Marsh all month. COMMON SANDPIPER - 1 on River Avon on 15th. GREENSHANK -Max of 5 on South Efford Marsh. REDSHANK - Max of 6 on River Avon on 15th. TURNSTONE - On the rocks a max of 15 on 24th. PECTORAL SANDPIPER -  1 on South Huish Marsh from5th to 20th.   Gave some very close views.    This was the 3rd record this Autumn. GULLS KITTIWAKE -high totals of 110 on 8th and 84on 24th. BLACK HEADED GULL -  notable records of 250 flying NW on 5th. 300 on the sea on 9th and 550 on South Huish Marsh on 19th. MEDITERRANEAN GULL - Surprisingly only a max of 3 on South Huish Marsh on 2nd and 9th. KINGFISHER - 1 regularly seen fishing from the rocks at high tide throughout the month. WARBLERS, CREST and MISC. CETTIS WARBLER -  5 ringed at South Milton Ley on 2nd 2 calling at. Thurlestone Marsh on 4th. CHIFFCHAFF -  Numbers increased at South Milton Ley where 17 were ringed on15th and another 17 on 24th. BLACKCAP - 1 male and 4 female at Aveton Gifford on 7th. GOLDCREST - Very small numbers this year - 2 ringed a South Milton Ley on 2nd and 4 by the water works at Aveton Gifford on 12th. SWALLOW - Last of the year 1 at South Efford Marsh on 2nd. STARTS, PIPITS, BUNTINGS ETC. BLACK REDSTART - recorded on 4 days all singles. STONECHAT - Up to 4 - 5 birds around South Huish Marsh. WATER PIPIT - 1 at South Huish Marsh throughout.  2 at South Efford Marsh on 15th. WHEATEAR - A late migrant on Yarmer Beach on 20th. SKYLARK - At Huxton Cross on 3rd a total of 576 logged. YELLOWHAMMER - 2 at Huxton Cross on 3rd. SISKIN - A max of 6 in a garden at Aveton Gifford on 26th. STOCK DOVE - Passage of WOOD PIGEON  very poor this year, however a flock of 82 STOCK DOVE  feeding in a recently sown field by South Huish Marsh is an exceptional count. With the dark days of December leading up to the year end it will be difficult to reach our target of 200 species.